Ahmadinejad wants in the spotlight again.

30 01 2008

Iranian Hitler-wannabe Ahmadinejad realized that he hasn’t been on the front page for a while, so he opened his mouth.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on the West Wednesday to acknowledge Israel’s “imminent collapse.”

In your dreams, Stupid.

Speaking to a crowd on a visit to the southern port of Bushehr, where Iran’s first light-water nuclear power plant is being built by Russia,

Ohh, Ohh, Pay attention to me! I got a reactor!

Ahmadinejad further incited his listeners to “stop supporting the Zionists, as [their] regime reached its final stage.”

Funny, I dont remember anything in the Bible about an Idiot defeating Israel.

He added, “What we have right now is the last chapter [of Israeli atrocities] which the Palestinians and regional nations will confront and eventually turn in Palestine’s favor.”

He must be smoking some realy hard stuff. The violent ones are the Palestinians. Who as I have said again and again are invaders in the true land of Israel.

This is him trying to be relevant.

And this is me laughing the Idiot.

The View From Out Here




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