Gary Bonnell is mad

31 01 2008

Gary Bonnell is mad, he got put in their place by the state’s chief deputy auditor.

Gary went running to the review saying the state auditor is incompetent. I agree that a audit should be finished by now, but crying that they didn’t do an outside audit was dumb. It was within their rights to refuse an outside audit. Since they have found a problem, they want to start the next years audit now.

Gary continues to drone on about getting paid for services that the district didn’t provide to Midland. While $20,000 in real money is missing. The state wants to stop more money from disappearing.

I think that finding a thief is more important than trying to get paid for something you didn’t do. Which is trying to steal $3,000,000 from the Midland School District.

The View From Out Here




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