Look out Ohio, its getting deep.

5 02 2008

I saw this in Saturdays paper, and it totally floored me. I’m getting this from CNN

Lobbyists and executives for two firms with a chance to operate the state-run Keno gambling machines proposed by Gov. Ted Strickland have donated thousands of campaign dollars to the Democratic governor and his party.

Gee, I thought that Pay-to-play was a Republican thing. Not!

The money came from representatives of GTech Corp., the state’s current online gaming vendor, and Intralot USA, which has bid against GTech and a third firm for a new state contract for online lottery services that went out in October.

Now I wonder why they would do that, because they think it would help.

Ohio lobbyists for Intralot have donated about $30,000 to Strickland and the state party, while GTech representatives have donated about $28,000, according to state and federal campaign finance documents reviewed by The Associated Press. Scientific Games lobbyist Richard Hillis gave Strickland’s campaign about $2,200.

Most of the contributions from gaming entities to Strickland, who took office a year ago, came during his 2006 run for governor.

However, two Ohio lobbyists for Intralot, Philip Craig and Jacob Evans, donated a combined $9,000 to the Democratic governor in August and September of last year. Both men also lobbied for other clients at that time.

And if you ask them are they trying to get favor with the governor, well it really gets deep.

Craig said he supports Strickland monetarily because he supports him as governor, not because he’s hoping to get a leg up on any state contract.

“Anybody who would ever say that contributing to this governor puts them in a better position to influence this governor doesn’t have many discussions with Ted Strickland,” Craig said. “That isn’t going to happen. It hasn’t happened to my knowledge up to now and it isn’t going to happen in the future. We are blessed with one of the most honest people I’ve ever met in public life.”

Then why did you give him the money, Idiot. You must think Ohioans are pretty Damn stupid. Were not!

We need to throw both parties out and elect people who will serve us not their wallets.

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6 02 2008
Post on Keno Gambling in Ohio and How Primary Delegate Votes are Divided up | Cleveland Real Estate News

[…] the Democrats are now using.  Lots of good posts, but singling this one out. Also enjoyed this post on Keno/electronic gambling and the poster’s surprise that the support came from Dems. Peace Out – 3C Segnala […]

23 05 2012

1. Ted Stricklands ad was about how the steel workers lost their jobs and how Mr. Strickland helepd them get it back to provide jobs for the future generations.John Kasichs ad was about the ammount of jobs lost at DHL and his personal life.2. I agree with Ted Stricklands ad because he provided statistics and also used the opinion of steel workers. I do not agree with John Kasichs ad because he barely talked about how he is going to fix the problem. Nor did he express a concern for the future. He only talked about his personal life as a child. Which does not help the unemployed people of DCL.3. Mr. Stricklands ad was the most convincing because he was not the only person talking in his video. The actual steel workers spoke on his behalf and it was a much more detailed video

6 02 2008

It does raise questions and I am very disappointed that Governor Strickland is going against the clear message voters sent when it comes to wanting gambling in Ohio.

6 02 2012
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21 11 2012
Wedding Album Design

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Your loved ones may motivate you to follow tradition or ensure options, but this day is approximately your loved one-to-be. Be nice with your i appreciate you their support and issue, and inform them that you just could keep their opinions under consideration when coming up with your very own selections. This will likely ensure you have no regrets once you look back when you received hitched.

Lots of flower agreements around the guest desks in your reception tend to be an disturbance and an additional unneeded costs. Frequently, blossoms just get in your guests’ way. There may be some of your friends and family that are also allergic to blossoms. Unscented candles will get put across the desks for an environment of romance.

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Always assure whole charge of a lighting method with the place, notably the ability to dim or brighten up the production. A number of situations throughout the night will require their very own individual disposition and lighting, say for example a very first boogie or slicing of the dessert. Just before investing in the place, inquire further concerning this.

Use the ideas in this article to make a private and romantic expertise for the wedding ceremony you are planning. The information included in this article must help reduce the complete stress degree that encompasses planning a stunning, unique wedding ceremony.

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