Islamic child abuse

6 02 2008

I have complained before about the garbage that the Palestinians put into their children’s heads. and the long termdamage that it does. But they are not alone.

Iraqi forces raided a house there and saved a little boy that was being held hostage. Thats how Al-quida gets some of its money. Kidnapping children and ransoming them. While that shows the total depravity of these animals, this isn’t the worst thing found.

A trainig video was found showing children giving mock shaheed (Martyr) statement, carrying AK-47’s and practicing how to kidnap and kill victims.

The video is here.

And some think we can reason with these people? If they want their children to die for allah, where is their reason, their humanity?

If you think we can appease radical islam, go away and my history forget you called yourself human.

The View From Out Here




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