Time to Act

17 02 2008

I have come to the conclusion it is time for all of us to stop just reading and agreeing with blog entries and do something to improve our country.

I’m asking you to read this article and if you agree Print it out and place it on both the Republican and Democratic parties offices in your city or county. I think it is time to take your disgust with the presidential choices to the next level.

An open letter to both of the political parties.

As a citizen of this, the greatest country on earth, I want to say that I find the choices you have given me to be disgusting. The lack of consideration for the voices of American citizens shows that both parties desire power above the good of the country.

My first grievance is the continued lack of response to American citizen’s cries to stop Illegal immigration. The influx of illegal immigrants and the rush to grant them all the privileges of citizens has lowered our standard of living and taken away benefits of citizenship. Both parties have worked to give this group amnesty so they can win them as voters. When we rose up you backed off, till you thought we were asleep again. But I am not.

The next issue is your desire to enslave the people through expansion of government programs. The expansion of the safety net that will turn our nation into a cradle to the grave social state goes against the founding principles of this country. Look to Europe, Socialism has not worked there. Yet you seek to choke the life out of our country, through government give aways, so that the citizens will vote for your party perpetually.

It may be too late to have a good choice for President, but I state my intent to work to elect people to congress who will uphold the foundations of our country, and work for the freedoms of the people.


A child of Liberty

I think that we each can do this and it might force one of the candidates to the right. If not it might let them know that we are not all sheeple.

The View From Out Here




One response

30 03 2008
Ben Keeler

Too bad it will never happen.

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