Armed robber holds up liqour store, ends up with lead poisoning.

30 04 2008

H/T The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Two robbers went into Sinkers wine and spirits thinking they would make some easy money. stick a gun you bought on the street in some poor schmuck’s face and have him hand over the money. It would have been a good plan unless he had waved his pistol at a legaly armed citizen.

police said the suspects pointed a gun at store clerks and forced two customers to the ground. The would-be robbers probably didn’t suspect that one of the customers would be carrying a gun nor that he would end up using it.

Baxter believes the customer and the suspects exchanged about ten gunshots. The would-be robbers tried to flee, but one of the men collapsed at the scene and died shortly after.

Gee not so easy to scare the sheep when they are packing huh punk? No I’m not waiting for an answer either.

There is an old saying, if you cant do the time don’t do the crime. I guess that includes Eternity.

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30 04 2008
Jason Rakowski

Good Layout and design. I like your blog. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. .

Jason Rakowski

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