Go ahead and cry, little baby

23 05 2008

I’m starting a new feature on this fine blog. Treasonous Twit on Parade, T2P for short.

So Today’s Treasonous Twit on Parade is Sgt. Corey Glass. This T2P is presently in Canada, hiding from the National Guard which he joined in 2002.

He is one of the estimated 200 American soldiers who have deserted their oath and ran to Canada rather than fight in a war they claim is illegal because it has no United Nations sanction. Hey Idiot, here’s a clue, you’re a United States Soldier not a UN soldier, you’re a trader to the country that gave birth to you. And you’re now wasting precious air in Canada.

Now the good news, on Wednesday, he lost his deportation hearing. Oh boo hoo, go ahead and cry, little baby.  I’ll plug my ears to the sound of your and the other 200 pathetic cowards banging your sippy cups.

It used to be that the army shot deserters; I wish they had the guts to do it now.

The View From Out Here




One response

7 07 2008

Corey Glass is a BUM and lier.

I served during the first gulf war and there where bums like Glass and Key that said they only joined the military for what they though was free college money. They never dreamed they would have to do their actual MOS in a combat area.

Glass is a real class act with his statement that he believed the National Guard was a humanitarian organization. The National Guard and Reserves were deployed during Vietnam and to an extent WWII. The big mistake he made was joining the military when he should have stayed at home flipping burgers. He’s one of the ones that should not have made it through boot camp without being weeded out and sent home.

As long as he was able to show up for his monthly training and go home at night to his own bed, while getting college money he was all for the National Guard. But once he was called on to fulfill his obligation he wanted none of that. Don’t kid yourself he would have tired quickly even providing humanitarian aid in New Orleans during Katrina. But in that cause it would have been some other injustice that made him flee.

If Canada lets them stay fine, but don’t ever let the bums back across the border. He’s blowing smoke up peoples asses and ttheir believing his crap.

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