Texas CPS appeals

23 05 2008

Texas CPS says to court 1 case of abuse is enough to steal 440 children from their mothers.

Article quotes are from the Associated “with Terrorists” Press. All other words are mine.

Texas child-welfare authorities on Friday appealed a court ruling, which I posted about, that rejected their right to seize more than 440 children from a polygamist sect, and they asked to keep the children in foster care while the case is reviewed.

Sure, so they can brainwash them into hating their parents.

Even if they were forced to return all the children immediately, state officials said it would be impossible because they have not determined which children belong to which parents, and DNA tests were incomplete.

I can hear CPS dragging their feet from here.

In their appeal, Child Protective Services, cited as “documented” sexual abuse a statement from a girl who said she knew a 16-year-old who is married with a 5-month-old baby.

They have a statement from a person who is not the victim. Where is the 16 year old victim? What is the age of consent in Texas?

They still have not produced the child mentioned in the original call. This new ‘documented’ hearsay is all they have to justify trampling over the maternal rights of the women in Texas?

the statement from another girl that “Uncle Merrill” decides who and when she will marry.

Now this is worth looking into. “Uncle Merrill” I hope they drag you away crying in chains. As I said in my previous article, if you are forcing people to marry against their will, lock them up and throw away the key. The guilty should be made to suffer not the victims, by removing them from where they feel safe.

This case is about adult men commanding sex from underage children

If so remove the men, not the children.

about women knowingly condoning and allowing sexual abuse of underage children.

If so remove a bad mother, not the children.

about the need for the department to take action under difficult, time-sensitive and unprecedented circumstances,” the state agency said in its appeal

Yes they have a difficult task, but parental rights still outweigh you removing children on a false accusation, and with no immediate physical threat to the child. That’s why the court ruled against you in the first place. Some siblings are separated by more than 600 miles. Go ahead, Texas CPS, give them more reasons to distrust outsiders.


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