Treasonous Twit on Parade # 4

28 05 2008

Today Kiddies, we look at one of the most shameless T2P’s ever. Rep. William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson A Democrat from Louisana. H/T to the Corruption Chronicles.

Dollar Bill’s lawyers tried to get most of the charges against him dropped, not because he didn’t do it, but they stated that he was influence peddling not taking bribes.

His lawyers argued that federal bribery laws apply to a congressman only if a bribe is exchanged for official action like taking votes or sponsoring legislation. In rejecting the argument, Judge Ellis ruled that prosecutors can broadly interpret what constitutes an “official act” under the law.

Jefferson has previously tried to get the charges against him dismissed by claiming that the bribery indictment unconstitutionally infringed on his privileges as a congressman. His attorneys actually argued that charges should be thrown out because grand jury testimony given by his staffers violated the Constitution’s speech and debate clause that protects legislative activity from intervention by other branches of government.

This is worst act of desperation I think we have ever seen. The Lawyers and Mr. Jefferson have no shame. My advice for the best defence I could provide is plead out, and you’ll see the sun again some day. But, he thinks so much of himself that he can do what ever he wants.

He is not above playing the race card either. He asked a judge to move his corruption trial from the jurisdiction (Virginia) where he was caught taking the $100,000 bribe on video because there aren’t enough blacks for the jury pool.

Justice may be blind but she doesn’t have a IQ of 5 either. What a waste of our oxygen.

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