All he wanted was three weeks away from You!

4 07 2008

East Liverpool School Superintendent Ken Halbert took a three week vacation this summer. It is a well deserved rest from the annoyance that is Gary Bunnell. But, Gary couldn’t get the hint.

Things were not right in the kingdom of Gary’s mind, for his need to be in control of everything was not satisfied. He realized that with Mr. Halbert gone, no one could act as purchasing agent and order things for the district. So he wanted the board to act to appoint one. That went as well as you suspect, considering the hostile work environment Gary has created on the ELSD board. A 2-2 tie with everybody upset. While I don’t agree with Mr. Matt Stewart over at Ohio River Life saying that things would go better if they were stoned, I hope the fine folks of East Liverpool will rember who is to blame at the next school board election.

The thing that got me was the instructions Mr. Halbert left behind. “If you need me before that time, please only telephone me on my cell phone in the event of an emergency.” We all know that a hangnail is an absolute life or death emergency to Gary. The storm that went through East Liverpool on the 29th of June had damaged a air vent at North Elementary and set off an alarm. This situation was handled by the maintenance supervisor Mr. Mark Reed.

So, has Gary left Mr. Halbert alone to enjoy three weeks stress free? Of course not. He had called him every day. Gary was totaly cluless as to why Mr. Halbert hasn’t called him back. Let me fill you in, if I was on vacation, I wouldn’t want to talk to your petty, self-centered, popinjay butt either!

And that is, The View From Out Here




One response

5 07 2008

Well, I live in the EL School District and I sure as heck didn’t vote for Mr. Bonnell when he ran for the board and I sure as heck won’t vote for him if he stands for reelection. He is quite simply the most self-important jackass I have ever heard of. It is perfectly reasonable that Mr. Halbert would want to take a vacation, and early July sounds like a perfectly reasonable time for a school administrator to take a break. He was nice enough to provide his cell# in case of an actual emergency. Any document truely needing his immediate attention can be fedex’d. Only Gary Bonnell would take umbrage at Mr. Halbert not being around when a storm causes damage the maintenance supervisor was able to handle on his own. Unreal. Someone should remind Gary to look outside; he will notice that Ken Halbert is not in Ohio signing purchase orders, but, in spite of this, the world is still rotating on its axis.


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