Give in to terrorists, get more terroism

17 07 2008

Well, Liberal leaders of Israel, is the lesson of your stupidity starting to sink in?

Instead of laying waste to Hezbollah to get those 2 soldiers back, you screwed around and reaped the seeds of weakness. Two dead soldiers for 5 breathing terrorists.

Think about that for a moment.

Has it occured to you yet, the falicy of your so called intelligence?

Here is proof that that all you did was put five more people who want to kill you back on the street.

Five militants freed in a prisoner swap with Israel prayed and laid wreaths at the grave of a slain Hezbollah commander Thursday, vowing to fight Israel as supporters showered them with rice.

At the same time, eight tractor-trailers loaded with coffins carrying the remains of 199 Lebanese and Palestinian fighters returned by Israel in the swap made their way from south Lebanon to the capital Beirut. Villagers showered rice and rose petals on the coffins wrapped in Lebanese and Hezbollah flags and covered with flowers. A banner on one of the red and yellow trucks read, “The Martyrs of Victory.”

The Martyrs of Victory? See what you stupid liberals did? You emboldened them, made them want to kill you more!

Repeat after me, “Liberalism is a Mental Illness!” Read the history of modern Israel, Learn it, Live it, Love it. Listen to people who care about you and try to warn you like this article at the rott.

Stop thinking you can deal with people who want no other thing than to kill you.

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17 07 2008

as opposed to not “giving into terrorists” which has costs the lives of more than 4,000 American troops and more than 30,000 troops wounded. but hey, as long as it’s not you or someone you know who gets killed, it’s working! right?

17 07 2008

What a moron. Who the hell are you to even question such decisions as you sit comfortably in your home or on a chair holding your spoiled fat-ass?

But I enjoy reading this when I know that the FREEDOM FIGHTERS of HEZBOLLAH have once again humiliated Israeli thugs!


17 07 2008

That was a typical, emotional, liberal, response.
Remember we are dealing with a culture different from our own. They reward strength and despise weakness. Any one who takes up arms against Israel is a winner in the eyes of the Palestinians. If you die, you’re a hero. If you live, you’re a hero. Their own life and the lives of their children mean nothing to them. The TV stations, instead of the lessons of Mr. Rogers, teach their own children that is acceptable to kill Jewish men, women and children. A culture that has only one goal, to wipe Israel off the map and proclaim the superiority of Islam, try reasoning with that. They will look at you as a weak fool, and plot your destruction.
For the last 20 years Israel has traded land and given back terrorist for peace. What has it gotten them? More attacks, more death and more calls for the extermination of Israel.
Neville Chamberlain thought that giving up part of Czechoslovakia to Hitler was a way to lasting peace. History proved him wrong and if Israel doesn’t act in self preservation, we will have another big war.

17 07 2008

I can question these decisions because this site is hosted in a country where I am totally free to say what I think and you are free to say that I am a moron, in your opinion. If you read the banner at the top of the page, it says I’m a guy ranting about how things should be done. I think I am stating obvious truth to anyone willing to listen. I don’t have to fear some group coming to get me because I said something bad about them. Is that the kind of government Hezbollah would bring to me?
Freedom Fighters, excuse me while I laugh my ass off.
If I were a Muslim and had a choice, I would rather be a Muslim living in Israel, where I can earn a living, feed and educate my children. Then live in either Gaza or the West Bank, having no opportunity to work, living in squalor, being afraid that either Fata or Hamas is coming to get me because they think I’m aligned with the other, or worse they start shooting rockets into Israel from my neighborhood and get my children killed.
Hezbollah practically owns southern Lebanon, ask the residents how much they enjoy getting their homes destroyed because of your freedom fighters. How can you be fighting for freedom hiding behind women and children. What a bunch of worthless cowards.

18 07 2008

you said it yourself, these extremists want nothing else but to kill the good guys. there is no reasoning with them. I 100% agree. So question becomes, what can be done? Well, going to war with them will not make them go away. They love that, that’s what they want. They will always exist, it is impossible to kill every extremist in the world. But going to war with them and trying to kill them all would result in many MANY of the good guys getting killed. That’s guaranteed. But more importantly, that type of action would act as a great recruiting tool to create even MORE extremists. Sorry if this sounds like bleeding heart liberal crap, call it what you want, but it’s the reality of the situation. Stop giving the next generation reasons to become extremists, and over time the extremist movement will be become insignificant. Does that mean do nothing? of course not. Use intel and special-ops to arrest and stop terrorists when they are found. having the western world invade Muslim nations will do nothing but create more extremists and get good guys killed.

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