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11 08 2008

To remember the political career of Gary Bonnell. Gary has been the lightning rod of the ELSD since he has been elected. And since he has become president of the board, He has brought ridicule and shame to the proud city of East Liverpool.

He gained attention with his Jihad against school choice when he went before the Ohio State Senate and Complained about BOSS while not pointing out that his school was not educating children, which is why parents were removing their children from his district.

Then Gary started wanting the Midland PA school district to start paying the ELSD for children that were not being educated in the ELSD. He had no real concern for educating the children from Midland he was wanting more money for his failing schools.

At this point Gary found this blog and posted two comment’s which I combined into one reply which pointed out his ridiculous arguments.

When Gary became the school board president, he explained some of his plans, which was copying the concept of a cyber-school. Which after he previously called cyber-schools “Educational Prostitution” he became a symbol of Hypocrisy.

Gary then turned his wrath upon the State Auditor who promptly spanked him and sent him to bed without supper.

This summer Gary continued to annoy especially Ken Halbert the superintendent, who Gary would not leave alone on his three week vacation.

Now we come to recent events that lead to Gary’s Political demise. He found out that some desks had been taken from a dumpster outside of the school, he tried to involve the district in pursuing this, but received no support. He complained that a police officer’s child was the mastermind of this. So he filed a personal complaint. When the officer found out that the desks were to be recycled instead of junked he had them returned. The ELPD was satisfied with that but Gary wasn’t happy with that. He also “heard” that the police officer had installed culvert pipe from the North Elementary on his property. Well, Gary was absolutely sure that the Police chief was protecting his officer. Untill the Chief showed up at the meeting last week and proved that the culvert pipe was not the size used at the North Elementry site. The crowd then turned sour and the rest of the board left him on the stage.

I’m sure that the voters are going to remember this next November, because when any one mentions Gary the tempature in the room rises. He has became a iratent that only excision will cure.

So, beloved, let us comit this failed career to the earth from whence it came. May the voters have wisdom in electing a replacement who cares about improving the childrens education.

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13 08 2008

Loved this post, especially after a lengthy, sweltering summer supplied by Gary Bonnell’s hot air.

I’m a registered voter in East Liverpool who reads the paper daily and remembers how local leaders vote and respond to their constituency.


22 08 2008

Great piece and I would like to also add to what a waste of time and money Gary’s little adventure is costing the taxpayers. First look at the cost of the missing pipe. (roughly $106) Secondly please take notice that the school district paid to the (informer) about the missing pipe a $100 reward! All this time and energy to recoup what amounts to $6! The kick in the pants is the fact that this “Informer”, is a twice convicted felon!!!!!!! WOW Gary! Nice work

20 02 2009

Gary Bonnell is a character assasin and an educational terrorist. He is a walking talking toxic waste dump of a human being. He attacks the police, teachers and administrators. He belittles he fellow board members and has on many occassions embarrassed our community as he promotes himself in the press. He has called cyber education “prositution” and then he promotes the same type of program for ELCSD. This hypocrit has got to be tossed out in the next election.

The good works and great strides by DR. Nick Trombetta to bring programs and support have been stymied by this creep.

He wants an 8ft. fence built around his home to offer protection from imaginery bad guys but he drives around the city in his Town Car with the vanity plate the displays his name. This nut has a long list of court cases, attorney’s fee, The missing pipe fiasco, the badgering of his superintendent on vacation, his attack on Linda Lindsey, Township Commissioners and his never ending hate campaign against Nick Trombetta and Midland are only a few examples of his jihad that continues to this day.

Now it comes out that his building project that is his baby (that has been delayed for about 5 years and has been reduced in size by his direction) forgot to include the entire 5th and 6th grade classes.

So after years of delay, the district will now pay more for much less and not get what it needs to provide for all its children and staff.

We need Dr. Nick Trombetta to come to the rescue and replicate his success in ELO. Come back home Coach… we need you!

20 02 2009

I wondered when people would finally realize what Bonnell has done to our district and community. He has driven families to other towns, kids to other schools and employees to other districts. I agree that with what you said about Dr. Nick Trombetta. He is a great man and has helped many local people including my family. Nobone has done more for education in our are than Dr. T..

16 06 2009

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