TVFOH is a blog that I founded to express my views on issues. I am a conservative “recovering democrat” who lives in Ohio. The name “The View From Out Here” comes from 2 Ideas. First I’m stating that I’m looking from outside the beltway. and secondly I was born and raised in the upper Ohio river valley and now live between it and the Mahoning River valley. I hope you find this a good read.

You can Email me at tvfoh[at]yahoo[dot]com

The View From Out Here


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20 07 2007
Benjamin (Memphis, TN)

Please god – tell me you are not serious in your point of view. That anyone who does not think that this war was legal or well thought-out must hate America. Well I do not hate my country and I do not support this war. Our government does not represent our country – our constitution does. And that is what I believe in and support – so no I don’t support a war that was neither declared, nor do I support staying in a war we are not prepared to win. If like in WWII we had batten down the hatches and sent over every able bodied american we could – reinstate the draft – put on our “war” economy – break out rations again – then I believe we would have had a chance. But this war was not about victory and never was – it was about oil and money. If you truly believe what I’ve read in your blogs then you don’t support America, because you don’t support the constitution. So if you are a Neo-Con you my friend HATE america and prefer the Facist government that we have become because of people like you. You want to support our country – then support the constitution!!!

17 10 2007
Another Benjamin (FL)

Just discovered your blog. Good stuff. Liberalism is a mental illness, foremost because liberals’ minds don’t change with the arrival of facts, and secondarily, they have a very limited understanding of human history. It’s impossible for a liberal to truly support the Constitution, since the entire liberal welfare state edifice depends on a warped interpretation of the commerce clause. We went to war to provide the Middle East with a democratic alternative to another dictator or rotten theocracy. It will be up the Iraqis to decide if they want to live free. I believe they will. Mecca delenda est.

26 03 2009
Eric Sherred

I would love to get in touch with you about some oportunities we are working on at the NRSC. Please feel free to get in touch with me at your earliest convenience.

Eric Sherred
Deputy Director of New Media
National Republican Senatorial Committee

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