Social Security could be in the red in two years

19 08 2009

In a interview with the Tuscaloosa News on Tuesday Aug 18th Congressman Spencer Bachus, from Alabama’s sixth district, a republican said that social security will show a deficit in two years.

Does any one find this surprising? With the Democrats trying to enslave us to the state (for our own good, mind you) and the Republicans in the pocket of those who seek profit at the expense of their own countrymen (NAFTA, GATT) the revinues of the government are drying up fast.

“What this recession has done to Social Security is pretty alarming,” he said. “We’ve known for 15 years that we were going to have to make adjustments to Social Security, but we still thought that was seven or eight years down the road.

Its nice to admit that you saw this problem coming and instead of fixing it like we pay you to do, you stuck your head in the sand because you were to lazy to work for the fat paycheck most of your constituents would kill for.

He continues

But if things don’t improve very quickly, we’re going to be dealing with that problem before we know it.”

Oh Really? Like you and the rest of Congress have spent TRILLIONS of Taxpayers hard earned dollars to save failing banks and needless stimulus?

As for the looming Social Security crisis, Bachus said solutions are beginning to be discussed.

“We could raise the retirement age, or in the worst case, cut back on some benefits,” he said. “But that is something we are just now beginning to get a handle on.”

The retirement has all ready been raised. Benefits being cut is governments response to the reality of its total incompetence in running anything.

Government was instituted to promote the general welfare, Not issue welfare checks.

The simple and logical solution to all this is,

First, Secure the boarders.

Remove Illegals and return them to their home countries, this will raise American wages and increase revenues into the government.

Withdraw from NAFTA and GATT to reestablish our sovereignty.

And get the government out of the welfare business, being compassionate has created a underclass of citizens who are permanently enslaved to the government.

The View From Out Here

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Time to Act

17 02 2008

I have come to the conclusion it is time for all of us to stop just reading and agreeing with blog entries and do something to improve our country.

I’m asking you to read this article and if you agree Print it out and place it on both the Republican and Democratic parties offices in your city or county. I think it is time to take your disgust with the presidential choices to the next level.

An open letter to both of the political parties.

As a citizen of this, the greatest country on earth, I want to say that I find the choices you have given me to be disgusting. The lack of consideration for the voices of American citizens shows that both parties desire power above the good of the country.

My first grievance is the continued lack of response to American citizen’s cries to stop Illegal immigration. The influx of illegal immigrants and the rush to grant them all the privileges of citizens has lowered our standard of living and taken away benefits of citizenship. Both parties have worked to give this group amnesty so they can win them as voters. When we rose up you backed off, till you thought we were asleep again. But I am not.

The next issue is your desire to enslave the people through expansion of government programs. The expansion of the safety net that will turn our nation into a cradle to the grave social state goes against the founding principles of this country. Look to Europe, Socialism has not worked there. Yet you seek to choke the life out of our country, through government give aways, so that the citizens will vote for your party perpetually.

It may be too late to have a good choice for President, but I state my intent to work to elect people to congress who will uphold the foundations of our country, and work for the freedoms of the people.


A child of Liberty

I think that we each can do this and it might force one of the candidates to the right. If not it might let them know that we are not all sheeple.

The View From Out Here

Why are Illegals getting tax rebates?

30 01 2008

I was looking at Drudge and saw that Illegals may get rebates.

In their bipartisan zeal to quickly cut a deal on an economic stimulus bill, GOP lawmakers overlooked something that will certainly inflame the conservative base _ illegal immigrants could receive a tax rebate check from the government.

It should inflame every single American who cares about this country.

Republicans who were involved in negotiating the bipartisan economic stimulus package would like to avoid the illegal immigration debate as the $146 billion bill comes to the Senate this week.

No Kidding they want to stick it to the taxpayer so they can get more illegal votes.

According to a Senate GOP aide, Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) will try to offer a “fix” to the bill in the Finance Committee markup of the legislation today. Republican aides are also worried that under certain definitions in the House bill, a resident alien who spent at least 183 days drawing income in the United States but was deported _ and still filed a tax return _ could have a rebate check sent to their home country. Ensign will try to prevent this with an amendment to the bill, according to a GOP aide.

Hurray for Sen. John Ensign, some one who is looking out for us.

As a member of the GOMLP I propose a new plank.

You want to give tax rebates to illegal leaches, GET OFFA MY LAWN!

The View From Out Here


Foxnews is reporting that the senate committee looking at this is removing the illegal refunds. I’ll believe it when i see it.

A good idea from Europe?

2 09 2007

I ran across this piece of whining from Associated (with Terrorist) Press, and figured it would have something interesting in it. I was surprised that there is still common sense in Europe. Then I remembered that Switzerland is not in “new” EUrabia, otherwise known as the EU.

The article starts out with true Journalistic neutrality.

The campaign poster was blatant in its xenophobic symbolism

Or, maybe not. The article goes on to talk about the largest party in Switzerland trying to get enough signatures on a petition for a referendum to change the law to allow entire immigrant families to be expelled if their children are convicted of a violent crime, drug offenses or benefits fraud.

Wow, what a great Idea! Make parents responsible for their children’s bad behavior. I was told “you live in my house, you live under my rules.” I must have been ok with that, I didn’t move out till I got married.

The writer thinks that this is a bad idea because she mentions the Nazis twice, Stalinist Russia and the Cultural Revolution of China. All good images to scare the reader with, as the writer is trying to make you to be afraid of common sense. A country has the right to decide who can and can not live in it. A country also has the right to set the rules of behavior for its own citizens.

But the writer is oblivious to the point he just made. What do all three totalitarian regimes he mentioned have in common? They are all socialist! Three countries where the citizens either gave up their common sense, or were conquered by force, or had it stolen from them with promises of “we will take care of you from the cradle to the grave.” A sickening poison, socialism is indeed.

I wish we had someone brave enough to ask for common sense in our country!

The View From Out Here

Hiring illegals to do jobs Americans refuse to be paid slave wages for!

23 06 2007

Two trucking company owners, impatient waiting for congress to pass “sh-amnesty”. Came up with a plan to make more money by not hiring Americans, until they got busted by ICE.

Last week in Philadelphia, 12 men were arrested for obtaining and using fraudulent CDL’s (Commercial Drivers Licenses) 10 were Illegal Workers Slaves from Brazil. The other 2 are Jose Pereira Silva, of Real Transportation Inc. and Fausto Ferrez Pereira, of Fausto’s Trucking Inc. – were charged with conspiracy to commit identification fraud.

The drivers then allegedly were hired by the two companies to haul construction debris from Philadelphia to several landfills outside Philadelphia.

Here is another example of greed in action. They don’t want to pay good wages to Americans so they get someone who doesn’t know anything but slavery in their home country to do the job for less. they bid less then anyone else and where does the money go? In the pockets of the owners.

This just the beginning of what will happen if Sh-amnesty passes. the downward effect on wages will bring poverty on the US like a plague. Stop Comprehensive Amnesty now!

The View From Out Here

The Treason of ’07

17 06 2007

There is a unholy alliance trying to steal the people’s political power for it’s self, kill the people’s freedoms, and destroy the ideal of America. Two groups want unlimited power for them selfs. So now they work together against the pleas of the people for their treasonous goal. Each group believes that when their grand plan ‘immigration reform’ is past, they in their twisted minds think that the goal it self will defeat the other side. In their thirst for absolute power they leave no sacred tradition safe on the way to making the American people slaves.

Both groups sicken me, since one is no better than the other I will start with the ‘Big Business’ republicans. This group wants a permanent class of peasant workers. 20 million plus undereducated illegals will drive down wages. This will cause the elimination of the middle class. This they believe is because the middle class usurps profits by the ‘high’ wages they earn. This idea is shown by the change of the goals of the republican party after the ’94 contract with America. They got elected with the will of the people and then did what they liked. Another example of the kill the middle class attitude is when a hard working person calls a talk show about wages and is told that unless that person has a collage education he should not earn a large amount of money per hour. The downfall of this group is if there is no middle class who will buy the consumer goods when no one can afford them as feeding your family comes first.

The other group of this abomination is the liberal democrats. They want total political power. For the last 40 years they have worked with the stated goal of improving live for the common man, they have created a government dependent class. This group votes constantly democrat because they don’t want cut off from the government teat. Now with the addition of 20 million plus ‘citizens’ who will need government services will cause a instant democratic majority in many states and nationally. All these people will get instant citizenship through ‘shamnesty’ without having to learn what makes the USA different. 20 million who think that all privileges and power come from the government. Not that power comes from the people. A lot of them come from countries which police and politicians are corrupt (the Mexicans call it ‘the bite’) and will assume that ours are to leading to the decline of our safety forces. The democrats will have their dream of creating a America in the image of the failed works of Marks, Lenin and Stalin. Look across the pond to Europe to see what awaits us if they get their way. Think on that before reading my next paragraph.

Now America are we going to lay down as sheep to the slaughter or are we going to stand up and fight this as American men and women? Don’t sit on your butt and think a blogger can do it by himself. Each of you must call every politician that serves you and make them miserable. Call your councilmen, mayor, township trustee, county commissioner, state representative state senator, governor, US Rep and US Senator and the White house. Tell them no to amnesty/reform. Secure our boarders like was promised in ’86 and we are the people of the United States and they will listen to US! Help the people out with this or know you helped the Treason of ’07.

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