Canada loves a sob story

6 07 2008

The Canadian Federal court ruled on Friday that an American Cry Baby, Joshua Key, could have a valid claim for refugee status on Canada. This decision will probably give hope to the treasonous cowards that have ran away from the country of their birth and worse, broken their oath of enlistment by becoming enemy’s of the constitution and country.

Joshua Key told the Canadian authorities that while stationed in Iraq with the Army he had witnessed several acts of abuse, humiliation and looting. Which if true, are all punishable under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice)

Did Joshua Key report this unacceptable behavior to his superiors? Did he contact the Army’s Criminal Investigative Division? No, instead of being a man, an American hero for speaking out against a wrong committed by a few individuals, he ran away like a scared rabbit.

He cried to Canada that he was having debilitating nightmares and couldn’t go back.  Poor Baby

Well duh, your subconscious was punishing you for not being a man and reporting the perpetrators to the proper authorities.

The initial refugee review board turned him down. Then he found a sympathetic or is it a pathetic ear in Justice Robert Barnes. Key’s Lawyer said the ruling expands a soldier’s right to refuse military service.

Great, this is just what we need, Canada encouraging more cowards to run away from their oath and country. I’m sure Cory Glass will appeal his deportation now.

You know what Canada; we don’t shoot deserters any more. Although I can think of a few good reasons we should start to.

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