Problems continue in EL

7 08 2008

According to todays reviewonline some more school desks were found on the property of a ELPD officer.

This is bad for the officer, as most every one was willing to forgive his child for taking the desks originally as they were returned. With more desks on his property, it appears as a lesson wasn’t learned.

I think that Gary Bonnell has over pursued the minor he did ask his parent if it would be ok, his father a police officer said it was ok. He got the appoval of a police officer, he thought it was fine.

I agree with Gary, however, about finding out about the status of some culvert pipe. taking something that you thought was being junked is one thing but no one junks good culvert pipe.

Gary is going to make a fuss about it at tonights board meeting. The board should not ignore the sugested theft of the pipe just because of the messinger.

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A clue for a congressman

7 07 2008

I got a email today from congressman Charlie Wilson Ohio 6th.

Dear Friends,

I’d like to hear from you! Periodically, I will reach out to you and ask for your opinion on important issues facing Congress. I value your opinion.

I hope you will take the time to answer this quick one-question survey and sign up for my e-newsletter to receive occasional updates on important issues and services for you and your family.


Charlie Wilson
Member of Congress
Ohio’s 6th District

He included a multiple choice question.

What are the greatest challenges facing our educational systems?
funding issues
quality of education
lack of access

Ok, where do I start Congressman Wilson, First off the constitution does not give the federal government any over site of a states education. There is no reason to have a department of education. We don’t need three levels of bureaucracy to tell a teacher how to teach. The Billions of dollars that are wasted every year for the department of education is taxpayer money that can be saved. It is first the local school board with guidance from the state which sets a uniform standard for their citizens. You will say that since a past congress voted for it we must maintain it. NO, it is not in the constitution so it is unconstitutional. You want to improve America, then eliminate the unconstitutional parts of the government and the tax money that they waste.

Ohio needs to make education its top priority, not by limiting choice but by expanding it. The citizens of Ohio need to pay attention and elect people who only care about the children to the local school boards.

You need to do your part and follow the constitution and the people need to do theirs and be responsible.

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Congressman fiddles while his electors burn with anger

4 07 2008

A few weeks ago I decided to tell my Congressman Charlie Wilson (no, not the one from the movie) of Ohio’s sixth district, that I was fed up with the price of gas. so I got on his website and left a very simple and direct message to him.

“Drill here, Drill now, or be Replaced”

I would think that I was in a chorus of voices telling Congressman Wilson that we need to increase supply to decrease prices.

Ohio’s 6th district is probably the most gerrymandered district in the nation. It starts on the south side of Youngstown, Ohio and goes south till it hits the Ohio river and then follows it for the next 100 miles, while its east-west depth is no more than 30 miles at any point. It is the text book definition of “rust belt”

Congressman Wilson’s campaign adds in 2006 made a point of him walking past closed businesses saying he would keep what jobs we have left here. The jobs are still leaving, and the surplus of labor is driving wages down while the cost of living goes up.

So, I get a reply from Congressman Wilson. in it he tries to change the subject from his responsibility to the voters to do as we say, to the evil oil company’s holding to much land in leases.

Since 2001, the price of a gallon of regular gasoline in Ohio has risen more than 130-percent. This is seriously squeezing working families, forcing small businesses to make painful decisions and hurting our economy. Bringing gas prices down will involve a series of steps, including the development of U.S. oil and gas resources on federal lands.

The first step is to focus on the millions of acres already leased for oil production that aren’t being used. Today, an estimated 68 million acres of onshore and offshore land leased by oil companies remain undeveloped.

Might that be because it can not be effectively developed?

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), if the United States were to drill in the nearly 68 million acres of federal land currently available for lease to oil companies, the U.S. could produce an additional 4.8 million barrels of oil per day. That would nearly double total U.S. oil production and would be six times the estimated peak production from ANWR.

Again there might be that much oil there, but would it cost more per gallon to get it out?

Today, there are more than 91 million acres open to leasing in the Arctic region of Alaska, including onshore and offshore land. Of the available land, oil and gas companies have only leased 11.8 million acres. In addition, 80-percent of the oil available on the OCS is already open for leasing—but the oil companies haven’t committed the money to drill there. While I support the development of oil and gas resources on federal lands, I cannot support opening additional arctic land or more land on the OCS, until oil and gas companies begin to use the land already available to them.

Do you hear the sweet sound of a fiddle? I do.

I believe the government has worked hard to make the land available; now oil companies need to do their part. That’s why I have cosponsored HR 6251, the Responsible Federal Oil and Gas Lease Act. This important legislation would force oil and gas companies to either drill on or forfeit federal onshore and offshore leases.  Under this legislation, companies would be banned from obtaining any more leases unless they can demonstrate that they are producing oil and gas, or are diligently developing the leases they already hold.  Similar and effective rules already apply to coal companies.

You forgot to leave out the part where the federal rules are if a oil company does not develop a land by the end of ten years the lease expires. What, you thought we wouldn’t catch your disingenuous statements about how unfair the rules are towards the oil companys?

I know that out-of-control gasoline prices are a top concern of the residents of Ohio’s Sixth Congressional District. I promise I will continue to support legislation that will ease the burden that you and so many others are feeling because of gas prices.


Charles A. Wilson
Member of Congress

Yes we are mad. we can not afford this and we see you dodging the issue. I am a voter hence I am your boss. Here is the legislation I want you to support.

Drill Here, Drill Now!

Or you will be replaced.

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All he wanted was three weeks away from You!

4 07 2008

East Liverpool School Superintendent Ken Halbert took a three week vacation this summer. It is a well deserved rest from the annoyance that is Gary Bunnell. But, Gary couldn’t get the hint.

Things were not right in the kingdom of Gary’s mind, for his need to be in control of everything was not satisfied. He realized that with Mr. Halbert gone, no one could act as purchasing agent and order things for the district. So he wanted the board to act to appoint one. That went as well as you suspect, considering the hostile work environment Gary has created on the ELSD board. A 2-2 tie with everybody upset. While I don’t agree with Mr. Matt Stewart over at Ohio River Life saying that things would go better if they were stoned, I hope the fine folks of East Liverpool will rember who is to blame at the next school board election.

The thing that got me was the instructions Mr. Halbert left behind. “If you need me before that time, please only telephone me on my cell phone in the event of an emergency.” We all know that a hangnail is an absolute life or death emergency to Gary. The storm that went through East Liverpool on the 29th of June had damaged a air vent at North Elementary and set off an alarm. This situation was handled by the maintenance supervisor Mr. Mark Reed.

So, has Gary left Mr. Halbert alone to enjoy three weeks stress free? Of course not. He had called him every day. Gary was totaly cluless as to why Mr. Halbert hasn’t called him back. Let me fill you in, if I was on vacation, I wouldn’t want to talk to your petty, self-centered, popinjay butt either!

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Look out Ohio, its getting deep.

5 02 2008

I saw this in Saturdays paper, and it totally floored me. I’m getting this from CNN

Lobbyists and executives for two firms with a chance to operate the state-run Keno gambling machines proposed by Gov. Ted Strickland have donated thousands of campaign dollars to the Democratic governor and his party.

Gee, I thought that Pay-to-play was a Republican thing. Not!

The money came from representatives of GTech Corp., the state’s current online gaming vendor, and Intralot USA, which has bid against GTech and a third firm for a new state contract for online lottery services that went out in October.

Now I wonder why they would do that, because they think it would help.

Ohio lobbyists for Intralot have donated about $30,000 to Strickland and the state party, while GTech representatives have donated about $28,000, according to state and federal campaign finance documents reviewed by The Associated Press. Scientific Games lobbyist Richard Hillis gave Strickland’s campaign about $2,200.

Most of the contributions from gaming entities to Strickland, who took office a year ago, came during his 2006 run for governor.

However, two Ohio lobbyists for Intralot, Philip Craig and Jacob Evans, donated a combined $9,000 to the Democratic governor in August and September of last year. Both men also lobbied for other clients at that time.

And if you ask them are they trying to get favor with the governor, well it really gets deep.

Craig said he supports Strickland monetarily because he supports him as governor, not because he’s hoping to get a leg up on any state contract.

“Anybody who would ever say that contributing to this governor puts them in a better position to influence this governor doesn’t have many discussions with Ted Strickland,” Craig said. “That isn’t going to happen. It hasn’t happened to my knowledge up to now and it isn’t going to happen in the future. We are blessed with one of the most honest people I’ve ever met in public life.”

Then why did you give him the money, Idiot. You must think Ohioans are pretty Damn stupid. Were not!

We need to throw both parties out and elect people who will serve us not their wallets.

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Gary Bonnell is mad

31 01 2008

Gary Bonnell is mad, he got put in their place by the state’s chief deputy auditor.

Gary went running to the review saying the state auditor is incompetent. I agree that a audit should be finished by now, but crying that they didn’t do an outside audit was dumb. It was within their rights to refuse an outside audit. Since they have found a problem, they want to start the next years audit now.

Gary continues to drone on about getting paid for services that the district didn’t provide to Midland. While $20,000 in real money is missing. The state wants to stop more money from disappearing.

I think that finding a thief is more important than trying to get paid for something you didn’t do. Which is trying to steal $3,000,000 from the Midland School District.

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Hypocrisy, Gary Bonnell Style

4 01 2008

I was looking at today’s on-line copy of The Review, and saw that Gary Bonnell had been elected President of the EL BOE. Congratulations, Mr. Bonnell, may you keep the children your first priority.

I figured that would be all I needed to say until I read the whole article.

The new president of the school board said the combination of new facilities, improved test scores and the establishment of the district’s own cyber school will bring new students into the district. Emphasis mine – The Editor

Why I am pointing this out is that Mr. Bonnell has been previously against cyberschooling to the point of calling it “educational prostitution” before a committee of the Ohio Senate, on June 6Th 2007. His testimony included a file two inches thick of reasons cyberschools are bad. He has some pride in this, because he wanted me to read the file before trying to have an intelligent conversation with him.

Mr. Bonnell has been a vocal opponent of cyberschools, because they take away money from the oligarchy of public schools. That is why we had to get the legislature to give the people educational choice.

Mr. Bonnell had also previously stated in The Review,

Bonnell said he thinks that cyber education has its own niche—for instance, for students with high IQs who are self-motivated, those who are adequately supervised by a stay-at-home parent, or for some students with severe physical handicaps.

So are those the only kinds of students an ELSD run cyberschool will take? I am going to go out on a limb here and say no.

Mr. Bonnell is trying to stop the hemorrhage of students by imitating what works, cyberschools that help children learn.

How are you going to fund this Cyberschool Mr. Bonnell? Wont that take more of your precious money away from the brick and mortar students?

I think that He is being a hypocrite. Last year cyberschools were bad for most children. Now in 2008, cyberschools are a great thing. Did you think your old statements went down the “memory hole”?

Either you owe allot of apology’s to people in the Ohio Valley, or your going to look really stupid.

Your choice.

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