Doing something

7 02 2009

The president keeps saying that we have to do something to help the economy, I can always do something Mr. President. Doing “something” is not always helpful.

If my kitchen is on fire, doing “something” could be throwing the gasoline from my garage on it. If I don’t have enough money to cover my bills this month, doing “something” could be taking what money I have and play it at the local casino. Both are cases of doing something but not the right thing. I’m not asking for you to do the most correct thing, although I would like that, I just don’t want you making things worse.

Let the people screwinise what you and congress do, we didn’t elect you to rule over us, we elected you to represent us. You work for us! We do get to grade your work on a daily basis. We will cheer when you do well and boo and hiss when you foul up.

We the people are your boss and we will keep you on however a short leash we think you deserve.

So quit whining about how long this bill is taking. I like what President Jefferson said about situations like this.

Delay is preferable to error.

The View From Out Here


Give in to terrorists, get more terroism

17 07 2008

Well, Liberal leaders of Israel, is the lesson of your stupidity starting to sink in?

Instead of laying waste to Hezbollah to get those 2 soldiers back, you screwed around and reaped the seeds of weakness. Two dead soldiers for 5 breathing terrorists.

Think about that for a moment.

Has it occured to you yet, the falicy of your so called intelligence?

Here is proof that that all you did was put five more people who want to kill you back on the street.

Five militants freed in a prisoner swap with Israel prayed and laid wreaths at the grave of a slain Hezbollah commander Thursday, vowing to fight Israel as supporters showered them with rice.

At the same time, eight tractor-trailers loaded with coffins carrying the remains of 199 Lebanese and Palestinian fighters returned by Israel in the swap made their way from south Lebanon to the capital Beirut. Villagers showered rice and rose petals on the coffins wrapped in Lebanese and Hezbollah flags and covered with flowers. A banner on one of the red and yellow trucks read, “The Martyrs of Victory.”

The Martyrs of Victory? See what you stupid liberals did? You emboldened them, made them want to kill you more!

Repeat after me, “Liberalism is a Mental Illness!” Read the history of modern Israel, Learn it, Live it, Love it. Listen to people who care about you and try to warn you like this article at the rott.

Stop thinking you can deal with people who want no other thing than to kill you.

The View From Out Here

All he wanted was three weeks away from You!

4 07 2008

East Liverpool School Superintendent Ken Halbert took a three week vacation this summer. It is a well deserved rest from the annoyance that is Gary Bunnell. But, Gary couldn’t get the hint.

Things were not right in the kingdom of Gary’s mind, for his need to be in control of everything was not satisfied. He realized that with Mr. Halbert gone, no one could act as purchasing agent and order things for the district. So he wanted the board to act to appoint one. That went as well as you suspect, considering the hostile work environment Gary has created on the ELSD board. A 2-2 tie with everybody upset. While I don’t agree with Mr. Matt Stewart over at Ohio River Life saying that things would go better if they were stoned, I hope the fine folks of East Liverpool will rember who is to blame at the next school board election.

The thing that got me was the instructions Mr. Halbert left behind. “If you need me before that time, please only telephone me on my cell phone in the event of an emergency.” We all know that a hangnail is an absolute life or death emergency to Gary. The storm that went through East Liverpool on the 29th of June had damaged a air vent at North Elementary and set off an alarm. This situation was handled by the maintenance supervisor Mr. Mark Reed.

So, has Gary left Mr. Halbert alone to enjoy three weeks stress free? Of course not. He had called him every day. Gary was totaly cluless as to why Mr. Halbert hasn’t called him back. Let me fill you in, if I was on vacation, I wouldn’t want to talk to your petty, self-centered, popinjay butt either!

And that is, The View From Out Here

And NAMBLA rejoices

26 06 2008

Yesterday the Supreme Court delivered a 5-4 decision that makes it illegal to impose the death penalty for a case of child rape.

Once again proving that the Supremes can overturn law that is passed by a legislature not because it is banned by the constitution, but because we are a “maturing society”

If we were maturing we wouldn’t have child rape, because the rights of all would be respected. This is another “down is up” argument from the court.

This is another decision that brings us closer to NAMBLA, (North American Man Boy Love Association) for those who don’t know (google or wikipedia them, just have a barf bucket ready),  declaring open season on our children.

Misha, over at the Rott rips into the court with the viciousness they deserve.

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Treasonous Twit on Parade # 4

28 05 2008

Today Kiddies, we look at one of the most shameless T2P’s ever. Rep. William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson A Democrat from Louisana. H/T to the Corruption Chronicles.

Dollar Bill’s lawyers tried to get most of the charges against him dropped, not because he didn’t do it, but they stated that he was influence peddling not taking bribes.

His lawyers argued that federal bribery laws apply to a congressman only if a bribe is exchanged for official action like taking votes or sponsoring legislation. In rejecting the argument, Judge Ellis ruled that prosecutors can broadly interpret what constitutes an “official act” under the law.

Jefferson has previously tried to get the charges against him dismissed by claiming that the bribery indictment unconstitutionally infringed on his privileges as a congressman. His attorneys actually argued that charges should be thrown out because grand jury testimony given by his staffers violated the Constitution’s speech and debate clause that protects legislative activity from intervention by other branches of government.

This is worst act of desperation I think we have ever seen. The Lawyers and Mr. Jefferson have no shame. My advice for the best defence I could provide is plead out, and you’ll see the sun again some day. But, he thinks so much of himself that he can do what ever he wants.

He is not above playing the race card either. He asked a judge to move his corruption trial from the jurisdiction (Virginia) where he was caught taking the $100,000 bribe on video because there aren’t enough blacks for the jury pool.

Justice may be blind but she doesn’t have a IQ of 5 either. What a waste of our oxygen.

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Psst, want to know a secret?

28 05 2008

H/T to Drudge

U.S. and Iraqi military officials said violence in Iraq has decreased significantly in recent weeks to levels not seen in four years.

No joke, might this be more evidence that the surge worked? That we have given Iraqi security enough time to get on their feet? Yes and Yes, but the MSM won’t tell you that.

U.S. military spokesman Rear Admiral Patrick Driscoll said on Sunday that weekly attacks in Iraq are down to March 2004 levels, which were about 300 attacks a week.

That’s still a lot of attacks, but with Iraqi forces out in front maybe the trouble making idiots will calm down. Terrorist know its one thing to shoot at Americans but to shoot at other muslims is bad, unless you know they are of a different sect than your own.

So here is a toast to our brave servicemen in harms way, if no one else says it, I will. Thank you for helping make Iraq safe for its citizens and don’t listen to the America hating surrender monkeys in the media.

The View From Out Here

What’s Green on its outside and Red on the inside?

28 05 2008

No, not a watermelon, It’s the environmental movement. The president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klas agrees with that statement. He was in Washington promoting his new book, Blue Planet in Green Shackles – What Is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?

Mr. Klas and I agree on this, Environmentalism threatens the libertys and freedoms of all the people of earth. To quote Mr. Jim Quinn from Americas Morning Show, “Freedom is the solution to every problem”

In his book, he compares Environmentalism with the communism that he grew up with in Czechoslovakia. “Like their (communist) predecessors, they will be certain that they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their idea reality,” he said. “In the past, it was in the name of the Marxists or of the proletariat – this time, in the name of the planet,”

What about the high priest of the church of global warming, Al Gore? He hasn’t talked to Mr. Klas, “I many time tried to talk to have a public exchange of views with him, and he’s not too much willing to make such a conversation.”

I don’t think he is going to, he has stated before that unless you accept the concept that global warming is a man made event, he won’t talk to you about it. I guess those of us who are willing to look at the empirical evidence are not worthy of his time.

That’s Mr. Gore’s loss not mine.

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