Gov. Spitzer embraces politics of suicide

1 11 2007

Gov. Elliot Spitzer D (is any one shocked?) -NY Wants to give Illegals drivers licenses. Why? to make the roads safer!

Can anyone explain how American roads will be safer when there are people on it who are not supposed to be here in the first place? I’m waiting… Bueller… Bueller…

Gov. Spitzer is just wanting to kill this country because he thinks its alright to pander to those who want to kill him. I think he is ashamed of NY because its not liberal enough.

He is pressing ahead with this even though he is being sued by some members of the state house. A current poll shows that 71 percent of the people are against it also.

I think he needs to quit while he’s behind.

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County Health official tries to protect citizens, gets fired

6 09 2007

From Kender’s Musings a true story about Dr. Gene Rogers, Former Medical Director of Sacramento County’s Indigent Services program.

He was worried about the safety of the American citizens in his county, as he was seeing illegals come to the county clinic with five drug resistant TB, tropical diseases not seen here and leprosy. So he questioned why the illegals are getting free (using your tax dollars) non-emergency care, while citizens go without. Well the bureaucrats who want to be our masters, because they have a liberal arts degree and think that they know more than us poor citizens, fired him because he questioned their insanity, my bad their all knowing wisdom.

“I am concerned that you continue to focus on patients’ immigration status, which is outside your and [the] program’s purview.”

This is from a work review by a supervisor, apparently a moonbat who has no understanding of the concept of protecting the citizens of Sacramento county.

I could go on about the stupidity of this forever, but I’ll let Kender take it from here.

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Greedy business people are using government to kill another American industry

2 09 2007

On Thursday Sep. 6th will start the end of another American industry because of globalization. Which is also known as Capitalists saying “American workers make steal too much of my profits. I’ll pay the politicians to let me get foreigners peasants and make more money!” Trucking, which was a great way for a person to feed their family, will become the next victim of greed.

American workers are now going to be legally replaced by Mexicans, who are paid less than half of what their American counterparts get to haul goods across our country. Mexican trucks will be allowed to drive on American roads. Of course this is a “Test Program” which implies that it is not permanent, just like the income tax.

Now you might ask, who is pushing for this rape of the American trucker? Simple, the Trucking industry is. They want to save on the wages they pay, and keep the profits for themselves. Show me one example of using a cheaper labor source and passing 100 percent of the savings onto the customer. You can’t do it! Because it’s not about getting the consumer cheaper goods, it’s about making more for the owners of a company.

These owners have spent money to start trucking companies in Mexico to be part of the program. So once these trucks are across the boarder they can do any of the work that Joe Trucker is doing now. If an American truck company has a run from Pittsburgh to Chicago, the truck company owner can now say to Joe, “now that you’re competing globally, you will do this run for 12 cents a mile or I’ll have Jose Truckwreck who works for my Mexican division do it.” Joe was making 38 cents a mile. So Joe has to do it for less and starve slowly or get fired and starve quick.

The safety issues are great also. Mexican truckers, in order to make money at what they do, are known to use stimulants to be able to run of 3 days straight. The American rules are run for 10 hours then take at least 12 off. At 12 cents a mile do you think that rule is going to be followed? Strung out truck drivers are a hazard on the road, and make you fear that they might hit a school bus.

These greedy fools and idiots have no concept of the damage they are doing to their own country. If their fathers and grandfathers who survived the great depression and WWII were alive, they would slap these spoiled brats across the face and tell them “I didn’t suffer for you and fight to make you free just so you could enslave Americans! Get out of my sight, you not a child of mine!”

So be real Americans and protest this injustice to every one you know and your local, state and federal politicians. This is our country, not those who want to be our economic-political masters. Stop this before we are all hurt.

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Dems are debating stupid things to hide what matters

16 07 2007

The Democrats are going to do an all night session Tuesday evening, so they can justify abandoning Iraq. What matters on Tuesday is the Senate Judiciary committee is holding a meeting to examine the persecution, did I say that out loud, I mean prosecution of boarder agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Campean.

I wrote before about these fine men Here. I have emailed all my friends and told them about the travesty these men have suffered at the hands of unjust prosecutors. I have now learned that Mexico put pressure on our government to start the procedings against Ramos and Campean. Since when does Mexico tell our DOJ what to do? In the article it proves that there was no DHS or DOJ investigation until the complaint of the Mexican government.

The Inspector Generals office of Homeland Security admitted that they had lied to Congress about these two agents so that congress would back off. While this stonewalling had been going on these agents were denied the chance to stay free during their appeals and had to report to prison immediately. Instead of following DOJ guidelines they were incarcerated outside of their home state of Texas, One in Louisiana and the other in Ohio, making contact with their familys about impossible.

So I ask you to use the power that we Americans have gained from the Shamnisty debate and call or email the president to grant a total pardon to these two fine Americans, who were doing their job! and you congress members and tell them to investigate the DHS Inspector Generals office and the US Attorney Johnny Sutton. The man who railroaded these two agents on the word of a drug dealer who had $1 Million dollars of marijuana on him when the agents confronted him at the boarder. US Attorney Sutton gave him Immunity for that and another million dollar load he brought across before he could testify. Did you hear me?

US Attorney Johnny Sutton allowed 1 Million dollars in pot onto US streets and almost let another 1 Million in pot loose on America to get a couple of boarder agents because they were doing their job.

This shows that the Democrats and liberals just want to do a smoke and mirrors bit to keep your minds off what really matters like your safety.

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Mr. President, to get back on our good side try this.

3 07 2007

Since you gave your friend a get out of jail card, here is what you can do to for us. Pardon Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, now.

This would be the gift that would signal concept that you have decided to straighten up and fly right. You can set these two men who were protecting us. These guys were railroaded by a political hack. you would be adored as the greatest president since Teddy Roosevelt.

The pain and humiliation that they have been through is enough to break a week man. These two heroes have stood proud, why, because they know they were doing their job. Now we the people ask you to do our will and free these American heroes.

Your country is waiting, Mr. President.

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Hiring illegals to do jobs Americans refuse to be paid slave wages for!

23 06 2007

Two trucking company owners, impatient waiting for congress to pass “sh-amnesty”. Came up with a plan to make more money by not hiring Americans, until they got busted by ICE.

Last week in Philadelphia, 12 men were arrested for obtaining and using fraudulent CDL’s (Commercial Drivers Licenses) 10 were Illegal Workers Slaves from Brazil. The other 2 are Jose Pereira Silva, of Real Transportation Inc. and Fausto Ferrez Pereira, of Fausto’s Trucking Inc. – were charged with conspiracy to commit identification fraud.

The drivers then allegedly were hired by the two companies to haul construction debris from Philadelphia to several landfills outside Philadelphia.

Here is another example of greed in action. They don’t want to pay good wages to Americans so they get someone who doesn’t know anything but slavery in their home country to do the job for less. they bid less then anyone else and where does the money go? In the pockets of the owners.

This just the beginning of what will happen if Sh-amnesty passes. the downward effect on wages will bring poverty on the US like a plague. Stop Comprehensive Amnesty now!

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The Treason of ’07

17 06 2007

There is a unholy alliance trying to steal the people’s political power for it’s self, kill the people’s freedoms, and destroy the ideal of America. Two groups want unlimited power for them selfs. So now they work together against the pleas of the people for their treasonous goal. Each group believes that when their grand plan ‘immigration reform’ is past, they in their twisted minds think that the goal it self will defeat the other side. In their thirst for absolute power they leave no sacred tradition safe on the way to making the American people slaves.

Both groups sicken me, since one is no better than the other I will start with the ‘Big Business’ republicans. This group wants a permanent class of peasant workers. 20 million plus undereducated illegals will drive down wages. This will cause the elimination of the middle class. This they believe is because the middle class usurps profits by the ‘high’ wages they earn. This idea is shown by the change of the goals of the republican party after the ’94 contract with America. They got elected with the will of the people and then did what they liked. Another example of the kill the middle class attitude is when a hard working person calls a talk show about wages and is told that unless that person has a collage education he should not earn a large amount of money per hour. The downfall of this group is if there is no middle class who will buy the consumer goods when no one can afford them as feeding your family comes first.

The other group of this abomination is the liberal democrats. They want total political power. For the last 40 years they have worked with the stated goal of improving live for the common man, they have created a government dependent class. This group votes constantly democrat because they don’t want cut off from the government teat. Now with the addition of 20 million plus ‘citizens’ who will need government services will cause a instant democratic majority in many states and nationally. All these people will get instant citizenship through ‘shamnesty’ without having to learn what makes the USA different. 20 million who think that all privileges and power come from the government. Not that power comes from the people. A lot of them come from countries which police and politicians are corrupt (the Mexicans call it ‘the bite’) and will assume that ours are to leading to the decline of our safety forces. The democrats will have their dream of creating a America in the image of the failed works of Marks, Lenin and Stalin. Look across the pond to Europe to see what awaits us if they get their way. Think on that before reading my next paragraph.

Now America are we going to lay down as sheep to the slaughter or are we going to stand up and fight this as American men and women? Don’t sit on your butt and think a blogger can do it by himself. Each of you must call every politician that serves you and make them miserable. Call your councilmen, mayor, township trustee, county commissioner, state representative state senator, governor, US Rep and US Senator and the White house. Tell them no to amnesty/reform. Secure our boarders like was promised in ’86 and we are the people of the United States and they will listen to US! Help the people out with this or know you helped the Treason of ’07.

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