Canada loves a sob story

6 07 2008

The Canadian Federal court ruled on Friday that an American Cry Baby, Joshua Key, could have a valid claim for refugee status on Canada. This decision will probably give hope to the treasonous cowards that have ran away from the country of their birth and worse, broken their oath of enlistment by becoming enemy’s of the constitution and country.

Joshua Key told the Canadian authorities that while stationed in Iraq with the Army he had witnessed several acts of abuse, humiliation and looting. Which if true, are all punishable under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice)

Did Joshua Key report this unacceptable behavior to his superiors? Did he contact the Army’s Criminal Investigative Division? No, instead of being a man, an American hero for speaking out against a wrong committed by a few individuals, he ran away like a scared rabbit.

He cried to Canada that he was having debilitating nightmares and couldn’t go back.  Poor Baby

Well duh, your subconscious was punishing you for not being a man and reporting the perpetrators to the proper authorities.

The initial refugee review board turned him down. Then he found a sympathetic or is it a pathetic ear in Justice Robert Barnes. Key’s Lawyer said the ruling expands a soldier’s right to refuse military service.

Great, this is just what we need, Canada encouraging more cowards to run away from their oath and country. I’m sure Cory Glass will appeal his deportation now.

You know what Canada; we don’t shoot deserters any more. Although I can think of a few good reasons we should start to.

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Treasonous Twit on Parade #3

26 05 2008

H/T to Sir Christopher at The Rott. I knew this person would end up as a T2P. I didn’t think it would be this soon. Former president Jimmy Carter has not only sold out his own country, again, by revealing intelligence in a setting where our enemy’s can find out, but he also revealed info about our best ally in the war on terror, Israel.

President Carter was at Hay-on-Wye literary festival in England Sunday. While Mr. Carter was discusing his favorate country, Iran, he talked about info that probably learned as president, that Israel has 150 nuclear weapons. Israel officaly has no nukes, but everyone goes with the assumption that they do. Israel is very serious when they say “Never Again.”

President Carter realy did it this time. Its well known that he hates Jews, so any chance to stick it to Israel he doesn’t pass up. I’m sure he reveald classified info. So Jimmy got a two for one. Why he appears to love Islam more than the Christianity that he claims to practice is beyond me.

So President Carter welcome to the expanding hall of shame known as Treasonous Twits on Parade.

It used to be I thought Billy was the stupid one.

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Treasonous Twit on Parade # 2

24 05 2008

Today’s Treasonous Twit on Parade is the apparently clueless Seattle Port Police Chief Colleen Wilson. According to a Seattle Times article, CAIR, is upset that a training course for Seattle, WA local law enforcement officers, could promote stereotypes and ethnic and religious profiling.

What the Seattle Times left out of the article is that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF Hamas Founding trial and presently being sued by radio personality Michael Savage.

The program, called “The threat of Islamic Jihadists to the world” It is billed as providing insight into the formative phases of Islam, the religion’s different branches, radical Islam and hoe to respond to terrorist acts.

Gee, that doesn’t sound like the Seattle Port Police are being taught that all people from the Middle East are terrorist, just the radical ones, like hamas, hizbullah and their friends in CAIR.

The Times gave the president of the WA stare chapter of CAIR, Arsalan Bukhari, column space to voice his concerns. “Most police don’t have a basic grounding in Islam, so before you teach them about Islam, how can you teach them about radical Islam?”

First off, when Mr. Bukhari says police need a grounding in Islam he means the must be converted to it. This course teaches the fundamentals of Islam and the different parts of Islam, so that an officer can tell the difference between a normal Muslim and one who wants to kill him and other Americans. That is what training is for; to teach you stay alive in a bad situation.

This brings us to our T2P Chief Colleen Wilson. She didn’t want to offend CAIR, proving again Liberalism is a mental illness, so she went and met with CAIR and did guess what? She offered to have them come in and do additional training. Now CAIR will come in and undo all the good training that the people of Seattle paid for and need. The Port and Seattle police officers also agreed to debrief after the program to see if there was “anything in the session that was discriminatory or could cause alarm”

So, this would let CAIR know the content of the training and the ways law enforcement deduces that some one is a terrorist. Does anyone else see that this can be passed back to the terrorist so they can change their ways? Is this not treason?

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Go ahead and cry, little baby

23 05 2008

I’m starting a new feature on this fine blog. Treasonous Twit on Parade, T2P for short.

So Today’s Treasonous Twit on Parade is Sgt. Corey Glass. This T2P is presently in Canada, hiding from the National Guard which he joined in 2002.

He is one of the estimated 200 American soldiers who have deserted their oath and ran to Canada rather than fight in a war they claim is illegal because it has no United Nations sanction. Hey Idiot, here’s a clue, you’re a United States Soldier not a UN soldier, you’re a trader to the country that gave birth to you. And you’re now wasting precious air in Canada.

Now the good news, on Wednesday, he lost his deportation hearing. Oh boo hoo, go ahead and cry, little baby.  I’ll plug my ears to the sound of your and the other 200 pathetic cowards banging your sippy cups.

It used to be that the army shot deserters; I wish they had the guts to do it now.

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