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16 08 2008

Something has been stiring in my soul, and I havent been able to put it into words. I have felt as those of us that love this country have been silent, when we should be screaming at the top of our voices.

I love reading The Anti-Idiotarian Rottwiler, its a place where I have no fear saying what I think. Today I found this post, with a modern Thomas Paine, I found my voice in that video. You must watch it if you care anything about this country.

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Problems continue in EL

7 08 2008

According to todays reviewonline some more school desks were found on the property of a ELPD officer.

This is bad for the officer, as most every one was willing to forgive his child for taking the desks originally as they were returned. With more desks on his property, it appears as a lesson wasn’t learned.

I think that Gary Bonnell has over pursued the minor he did ask his parent if it would be ok, his father a police officer said it was ok. He got the appoval of a police officer, he thought it was fine.

I agree with Gary, however, about finding out about the status of some culvert pipe. taking something that you thought was being junked is one thing but no one junks good culvert pipe.

Gary is going to make a fuss about it at tonights board meeting. The board should not ignore the sugested theft of the pipe just because of the messinger.

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Treasonous Twit on Parade # 2

24 05 2008

Today’s Treasonous Twit on Parade is the apparently clueless Seattle Port Police Chief Colleen Wilson. According to a Seattle Times article, CAIR, is upset that a training course for Seattle, WA local law enforcement officers, could promote stereotypes and ethnic and religious profiling.

What the Seattle Times left out of the article is that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF Hamas Founding trial and presently being sued by radio personality Michael Savage.

The program, called “The threat of Islamic Jihadists to the world” It is billed as providing insight into the formative phases of Islam, the religion’s different branches, radical Islam and hoe to respond to terrorist acts.

Gee, that doesn’t sound like the Seattle Port Police are being taught that all people from the Middle East are terrorist, just the radical ones, like hamas, hizbullah and their friends in CAIR.

The Times gave the president of the WA stare chapter of CAIR, Arsalan Bukhari, column space to voice his concerns. “Most police don’t have a basic grounding in Islam, so before you teach them about Islam, how can you teach them about radical Islam?”

First off, when Mr. Bukhari says police need a grounding in Islam he means the must be converted to it. This course teaches the fundamentals of Islam and the different parts of Islam, so that an officer can tell the difference between a normal Muslim and one who wants to kill him and other Americans. That is what training is for; to teach you stay alive in a bad situation.

This brings us to our T2P Chief Colleen Wilson. She didn’t want to offend CAIR, proving again Liberalism is a mental illness, so she went and met with CAIR and did guess what? She offered to have them come in and do additional training. Now CAIR will come in and undo all the good training that the people of Seattle paid for and need. The Port and Seattle police officers also agreed to debrief after the program to see if there was “anything in the session that was discriminatory or could cause alarm”

So, this would let CAIR know the content of the training and the ways law enforcement deduces that some one is a terrorist. Does anyone else see that this can be passed back to the terrorist so they can change their ways? Is this not treason?

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Premature detonation

23 05 2008

Something that “Achmed the dead terrorist” can relate to. Article parts are from the daily mail web site.

A recent convert to islam tried to arm a nail bomb in a family restaurant,

(Sarcasm on)Are we sure that this guy is a muslim? Usually this is something a rouge group of Amish try to do. (Sarcasm off)

when it went off in his face.


A Muslim convert with a history of mental illness

Great, lets blame the mental illness, instead of what really made him do it. My proof is that he never tried to blow anyone up while not a muslim.

This male, who we now know is called Nicky Reilly, suffered serious facial injuries but these are not life threatening.

He is currently in police custody undergoing treatment at a hospital.

And after that hopefully he gets a long jail sentence. Maybe he will name names and England can get rid of some of the cancer in her midst.

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Hello world!

2 06 2006

Welcome to The View from out here. This is my little rant at the world.