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11 08 2008

To remember the political career of Gary Bonnell. Gary has been the lightning rod of the ELSD since he has been elected. And since he has become president of the board, He has brought ridicule and shame to the proud city of East Liverpool.

He gained attention with his Jihad against school choice when he went before the Ohio State Senate and Complained about BOSS while not pointing out that his school was not educating children, which is why parents were removing their children from his district.

Then Gary started wanting the Midland PA school district to start paying the ELSD for children that were not being educated in the ELSD. He had no real concern for educating the children from Midland he was wanting more money for his failing schools.

At this point Gary found this blog and posted two comment’s which I combined into one reply which pointed out his ridiculous arguments.

When Gary became the school board president, he explained some of his plans, which was copying the concept of a cyber-school. Which after he previously called cyber-schools “Educational Prostitution” he became a symbol of Hypocrisy.

Gary then turned his wrath upon the State Auditor who promptly spanked him and sent him to bed without supper.

This summer Gary continued to annoy especially Ken Halbert the superintendent, who Gary would not leave alone on his three week vacation.

Now we come to recent events that lead to Gary’s Political demise. He found out that some desks had been taken from a dumpster outside of the school, he tried to involve the district in pursuing this, but received no support. He complained that a police officer’s child was the mastermind of this. So he filed a personal complaint. When the officer found out that the desks were to be recycled instead of junked he had them returned. The ELPD was satisfied with that but Gary wasn’t happy with that. He also “heard” that the police officer had installed culvert pipe from the North Elementary on his property. Well, Gary was absolutely sure that the Police chief was protecting his officer. Untill the Chief showed up at the meeting last week and proved that the culvert pipe was not the size used at the North Elementry site. The crowd then turned sour and the rest of the board left him on the stage.

I’m sure that the voters are going to remember this next November, because when any one mentions Gary the tempature in the room rises. He has became a iratent that only excision will cure.

So, beloved, let us comit this failed career to the earth from whence it came. May the voters have wisdom in electing a replacement who cares about improving the childrens education.

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Problems continue in EL

7 08 2008

According to todays reviewonline some more school desks were found on the property of a ELPD officer.

This is bad for the officer, as most every one was willing to forgive his child for taking the desks originally as they were returned. With more desks on his property, it appears as a lesson wasn’t learned.

I think that Gary Bonnell has over pursued the minor he did ask his parent if it would be ok, his father a police officer said it was ok. He got the appoval of a police officer, he thought it was fine.

I agree with Gary, however, about finding out about the status of some culvert pipe. taking something that you thought was being junked is one thing but no one junks good culvert pipe.

Gary is going to make a fuss about it at tonights board meeting. The board should not ignore the sugested theft of the pipe just because of the messinger.

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All he wanted was three weeks away from You!

4 07 2008

East Liverpool School Superintendent Ken Halbert took a three week vacation this summer. It is a well deserved rest from the annoyance that is Gary Bunnell. But, Gary couldn’t get the hint.

Things were not right in the kingdom of Gary’s mind, for his need to be in control of everything was not satisfied. He realized that with Mr. Halbert gone, no one could act as purchasing agent and order things for the district. So he wanted the board to act to appoint one. That went as well as you suspect, considering the hostile work environment Gary has created on the ELSD board. A 2-2 tie with everybody upset. While I don’t agree with Mr. Matt Stewart over at Ohio River Life saying that things would go better if they were stoned, I hope the fine folks of East Liverpool will rember who is to blame at the next school board election.

The thing that got me was the instructions Mr. Halbert left behind. “If you need me before that time, please only telephone me on my cell phone in the event of an emergency.” We all know that a hangnail is an absolute life or death emergency to Gary. The storm that went through East Liverpool on the 29th of June had damaged a air vent at North Elementary and set off an alarm. This situation was handled by the maintenance supervisor Mr. Mark Reed.

So, has Gary left Mr. Halbert alone to enjoy three weeks stress free? Of course not. He had called him every day. Gary was totaly cluless as to why Mr. Halbert hasn’t called him back. Let me fill you in, if I was on vacation, I wouldn’t want to talk to your petty, self-centered, popinjay butt either!

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Gary Bonnell is mad

31 01 2008

Gary Bonnell is mad, he got put in their place by the state’s chief deputy auditor.

Gary went running to the review saying the state auditor is incompetent. I agree that a audit should be finished by now, but crying that they didn’t do an outside audit was dumb. It was within their rights to refuse an outside audit. Since they have found a problem, they want to start the next years audit now.

Gary continues to drone on about getting paid for services that the district didn’t provide to Midland. While $20,000 in real money is missing. The state wants to stop more money from disappearing.

I think that finding a thief is more important than trying to get paid for something you didn’t do. Which is trying to steal $3,000,000 from the Midland School District.

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Hypocrisy, Gary Bonnell Style

4 01 2008

I was looking at today’s on-line copy of The Review, and saw that Gary Bonnell had been elected President of the EL BOE. Congratulations, Mr. Bonnell, may you keep the children your first priority.

I figured that would be all I needed to say until I read the whole article.

The new president of the school board said the combination of new facilities, improved test scores and the establishment of the district’s own cyber school will bring new students into the district. Emphasis mine – The Editor

Why I am pointing this out is that Mr. Bonnell has been previously against cyberschooling to the point of calling it “educational prostitution” before a committee of the Ohio Senate, on June 6Th 2007. His testimony included a file two inches thick of reasons cyberschools are bad. He has some pride in this, because he wanted me to read the file before trying to have an intelligent conversation with him.

Mr. Bonnell has been a vocal opponent of cyberschools, because they take away money from the oligarchy of public schools. That is why we had to get the legislature to give the people educational choice.

Mr. Bonnell had also previously stated in The Review,

Bonnell said he thinks that cyber education has its own niche—for instance, for students with high IQs who are self-motivated, those who are adequately supervised by a stay-at-home parent, or for some students with severe physical handicaps.

So are those the only kinds of students an ELSD run cyberschool will take? I am going to go out on a limb here and say no.

Mr. Bonnell is trying to stop the hemorrhage of students by imitating what works, cyberschools that help children learn.

How are you going to fund this Cyberschool Mr. Bonnell? Wont that take more of your precious money away from the brick and mortar students?

I think that He is being a hypocrite. Last year cyberschools were bad for most children. Now in 2008, cyberschools are a great thing. Did you think your old statements went down the “memory hole”?

Either you owe allot of apology’s to people in the Ohio Valley, or your going to look really stupid.

Your choice.

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