Social Security could be in the red in two years

19 08 2009

In a interview with the Tuscaloosa News on Tuesday Aug 18th Congressman Spencer Bachus, from Alabama’s sixth district, a republican said that social security will show a deficit in two years.

Does any one find this surprising? With the Democrats trying to enslave us to the state (for our own good, mind you) and the Republicans in the pocket of those who seek profit at the expense of their own countrymen (NAFTA, GATT) the revinues of the government are drying up fast.

“What this recession has done to Social Security is pretty alarming,” he said. “We’ve known for 15 years that we were going to have to make adjustments to Social Security, but we still thought that was seven or eight years down the road.

Its nice to admit that you saw this problem coming and instead of fixing it like we pay you to do, you stuck your head in the sand because you were to lazy to work for the fat paycheck most of your constituents would kill for.

He continues

But if things don’t improve very quickly, we’re going to be dealing with that problem before we know it.”

Oh Really? Like you and the rest of Congress have spent TRILLIONS of Taxpayers hard earned dollars to save failing banks and needless stimulus?

As for the looming Social Security crisis, Bachus said solutions are beginning to be discussed.

“We could raise the retirement age, or in the worst case, cut back on some benefits,” he said. “But that is something we are just now beginning to get a handle on.”

The retirement has all ready been raised. Benefits being cut is governments response to the reality of its total incompetence in running anything.

Government was instituted to promote the general welfare, Not issue welfare checks.

The simple and logical solution to all this is,

First, Secure the boarders.

Remove Illegals and return them to their home countries, this will raise American wages and increase revenues into the government.

Withdraw from NAFTA and GATT to reestablish our sovereignty.

And get the government out of the welfare business, being compassionate has created a underclass of citizens who are permanently enslaved to the government.

The View From Out Here

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Reason #36 that Liberalism is a mental illness

25 10 2007

Ohio wants to change a law, idiots want to diminish punishment.

Ohio has a harsher penalty for crack cocaine than powder cocaine. Crack is more addictive than powder so the legislature made that punishment worse. But now they are told that idea is racist because crack mostly is used by minority’s and powder is a white mans drug. I saw this on the Ohio news for today.

So lets make the punishment for powder the same as crack. No scream the mentaly ill, lets make the punishment less severe for crack.

Does anyone with more than two functional brain cells see the stupidity in this?

The View From Out Here

Some thoughts on the Jenna 6

19 10 2007

Just some thoughts on the Jenna 6

The first problem is the “whites only tree” stupid thinking like that should be ridiculed. I’m a forty years old and thought that crap had went out of style before I hit kindergarten. Parents of Jenna, you forgot to teach your children well. Apparently stupidity really is forever!

The second problem is the children that decided to hang the nooses. You are reprehensible idiots. If the 6 children that were charged for assault had caught you in the act of putting up a symbol of oppression, I think the ass kicking you brats would have received would have been funny. I also believe that this would have been a non issue. Any decent prosecutor would have laughed at you while in traction. Stupidity that results in self inflicted violence is hysterical. Check out the Darwin Awards. You thought it would be funny to play Jr. Klansmen? You three are pathetic reprobates. You should be responsible for the physical damage your actions caused.

The last problem is the “six”. You attacked another student, who as far as I am aware, was not one of the noose hangers. You let loose your anger and violence on a child that was innocent. You need to be punished, for that and that alone. The first and second problems do not absolve you of your guilt. Quit hiding behind the civil rights movement, John Mellencamp and the Liberal elements that say beating another child is not your fault.

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